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Roger Swanson

Tactical Sales Connector


While you may hold the title of CEO, COO, or otherwise, it can be refreshing for your employees to hear your message from a different angle.

Perspective is a powerful tool. A keynote speaker can offer perspective so that your company encounters your message in a different light, which can lead to a variety of benefits.



While you do steer the ship, a second or third voice promoting your vision, mission, and goals can be a powerful way to get your crew back on course. Even if your employees seem like they’re doing great, a keynote speaker with a story that ties into your message can engage and elevate your workforce.

It’s not enough to hope that when you talk to your people that what you have to say connects with them. You want the message to connect with them. You can do this by removing yourself from the presentation and have a speaker do the talking — especially if that speaker has a great story that shows your mission in action from a unique angle.



A keynote speaker offers your employees something they’ve not experienced yet while working at your company. When you give your workforce something new to learn, they tend to listen and take note. If what you have planned for them affects their professional or personal lives in a positive way, it can boost morale and reignite commitment. The promise of “new” and “improvement” can increase how many actually attend the event.



As mentioned above, perspective is a powerful tool. You may have painted your vision perfectly; delivered your vision in a tight, concise statement; and set out goals that you know can be achieved, but your workforce is deflated.

How do you fix this problem?

Granted, a single keynote speech may not be able to turn your workforce around, but it can offer perspective — a different view on the same situation, which can lead to some insights, inspiration, and motivation. You can change the trajectory of your people by one degree and make a huge difference long term.



You need to connect what your workforce does on a daily basis to a larger purpose. If you do not, you will find that your people are disconnected from their work.

How are you supposed to change the world when your team isn’t connected to the mission?

A keynote speaker can help provide one of many ways your employees can connect themselves to the overall vision, mission, and goals. A speaker can inspire them to make the decision to connect with one another and produce.



In most companies, there are numerous departments all working toward a singular goal. These departments are typically in silos so that there is little to no interaction outside of e-mail or chat systems. While a disconnected workforce is a problem, disconnected departments can cause issues too.

A keynote speaker can bring departments together and foster community. Not only does this connect people, but it also connects people to their jobs. Remember, people want to be connected to people. A speaker can show your team where those connections exist. Then, the speaker can show your people how to make those connections in an effective, productive way.