Tactical Sales


Leverage them, and turn them into superpowers in a span of  12 weeks using a nine-step program. Learn how to jump over small buildings in a single bound.
And as your skills and confidence increase through this 12-week program, leap over tall buildings with no effort at all. 

Go on a journey with me, allow me to walk you through this program that offers a comprehensive solution to address your sales in many different areas. Know your true self. It will lead you to a better understanding of what really matters, thus, focusing your mind on what you truly need. 

Tactical sales, which is an integral step in the nine-step program, is a principle that has several aspects with regard to communicating with your customers. It includes engagement on the phone and online tactics to tenex your business.

I also conduct one-on-one coaching to help you navigate the complexities of communicating with different types of people, their behavior, and behavioral changes.

I wish you the best of success.

Coach Roger Tactical Sales

I can help you reach your goals

If I can help you get there, I will be more than happy to offer you my assistance. Aside from my coaching program, I have a tool that can leverage your team as well as yourself.

Another thing I can do is to help you find personal assistants, globally, to aid you when it comes to your projects, phone calls, appointment settings, and even engaging directly with your customers. As you do not have the time to take on your every customer, you can scale out your team, thus giving you the option to direct your time and attention to exponentially grow your company.

Quantum leap. I’m sure you are familiar with the term as many coaches have raved about it. Give me the opportunity to show you how you can expand your company through the solid techniques and sales tactics that I have learned and developed.

I will be providing you with several audiobooks for taking notes and to be reviewed at your most convenient time in preparation for our weekly live meetings. Participating in my coaching program gives you the privilege of lifetime access to all our virtual workshops and a special discounted rate for any in-person workshop.

Take advantage of the insights you can gain from my experiences as well as those of the esteemed coaches that I’ve retained.

Everyone needs a coach.