What to Expect From Coach Roger.

The Tactical Sales Connector?

Over the years, I discovered that too many small and large-scale companies are faced with serious productivity, security, and workflow issues.  

In 1980, while in the US Navy Submarines, I kick-started my career in technology. From then on, I have ventured into different professions, which include construction, technical, and electrical work, business, and several others.

Until I had a Michael Gerber “entrepreneurial seizure” moment. I started my own technology company and personally ran it with help from a great group of people for 17 years. The corporate world may not be perfect, but not once have I lost the desire to help others build and develop their own careers.

As a SCORE mentor (SCORE.org), I was an adviser/mentor of more that 400 students at the local Trident Technical College, presented motivational speeches at several High School and vocational schools, at three separate SCAPA Payroll conferences with attendees over 1200, as well as groups of more than 500 in a Project Manager GMIS Government training event explaining how Cyber Security frameworks can be implemented.

Have the unfair advantage and crush the competition!

Feedback & Reviews

“Profit is the applause you get for taking care of your customers and creating a motivating environment for your employees.”

“Roger is enthusiastic, creative and willing to share ideas with his peers. With years of practical experience, he is an asset to those who interact with him. Roger is a funny guy who adds life to any meeting. He’s a one of a kind, and dedicated to the success of others.”

Amy Kardel

Vice President, Strategic Workforce Relationships at CompTIA

“Roger is a motivated business person who considers the best interests of others in his decisions. I’ve know Roger through our HTG Peer Groups where his expertise, creativity and positive approach is valued by his group members.”

Scott Scrogin

IT Nation Innovation Director, Strategy at ConnectWise

“Roger is very passionate about his business and this industry. He serves as a huge ambassador for HTG and we appreciate that tremendously. He does it because he truly wants others to benefit as he has. Everyone should have someone with Roger’s enthusiasm and positive energy on their team!”

Christy Goodwin-Sacco

IT Channel Marketing Pro

Why should you listen to me?

I have acquired a great deal of knowledge from a pool of life experiences over the past 40 years. You are in good hands with me..


But what is TACTICAL SALES? It is a program that roots from my intense drive for personal development and my extensive professional training then imparting my background to you and being available after the class has completed for further assistance.

I have worked with my mentors and coaches to build a pioneering cost-effective proprietary technique to help you manage yourself, your time, help get the time to spend with your family and; use technology solutions that will maximize your business profits.

Understanding yourself is the key to truly grow and scale as an individual. Know your strengths, weaknesses, where you can excel, and where you need help. I walk you through a series of online tools to help you gain better insight in your strengths “Cliffton Strengthfinder 2.0”. Take a journey with me as we look at why you think the way you do through Personality Insights.

Choose the right people. Your staff must function in a methodology that matches your personality and strengths and show great potential to achieve focused personal and business goals. This is an important skill you will learn when you attend my workshops. “Know thyself.” – Socrate.

You may ask: how is this possible? The Tactical Sales Connector approach.

I interact directly with the individuals and business owners with a view to understanding their personal and business needs. The focus is on key tasks embedded in goals with measurable daily, weekly, and monthly objectives. Next, I help you take a deep dive into your thoughts, actions, and intentions, to discern what is brewing within your gray matter, in order to determine the right psychology to work with others and help you apply it.

There is no such thing as wiggling out of a commitment with me. My one-on-one coaching with daily check-ins will keep you on your toes. We help each other by having accountability partners. Thereafter, I help you develop a 30, 60, and 90-day plan that is focused on Metrics and Goals with a friendly and tailored personal plan to meet your needs.

Need Advice?

BE A KANGAROO. Did you know that a kangaroo can not physically backup? I encourage others to never look back, always move forward, apply the Tactical Sales proprietary action steps to solutions that you, your family, and business, deserve.